2017-18 NFL Week 4 Game Picks

Hi Everyone! If this week in the NFL is anything like last Sunday, than we are all in for a treat. Anyway, this week I am trying out my quick game predictions for Week 4, and I’m really excited to see how they turn out. Anyway, here is who I believe will win this week.


Bears 17 – Packers 23


Saints 31 – Dolphins 20

Panthers 21 – Patriots 27

Jaguars 24 – Jets 10

Titans 34 – Texans 20

Steelers 20 – Ravens 21

Bengals 31 – Browns 17

Lions 27 – Vikings 24

Rams 23 – Cowboys 34

Bills 26 – Falcons 31

Eagles 27 – Chargers 17

49ers 13 – Cardinals 30

Giants 20 – Buccaneers 24

Raiders 24 – Broncos 27

Colts 16 – Seahawks 27


Redskins 20 – Chiefs 34

Those are my game picks considering who the home team is, crowd strength, play so far this year, injuries, etc. Happy Watching!

2017-18 NFL Week 4 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 4 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. Let’s see if I get this one right finally… I really like the Jags defense vs the Jets. I had as much praise for the Ravens last week though, and that turned out horribly. Still, you can’t deny that they are doing something truly impressive down in Jacksonville. 2. Unless you have Dak Prescott in your starting lineup (which you should), you might consider sitting Dez Bryant. The connection with Dak just isn’t there yet, and although I think it will come, I don’t think this will be the week. 3. Doug Baldwin on Sunday Night will have two TDs. You heard it here first. With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 4 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Carson Palmer vs SF

Although he lost last week and was sacked 6 times, Palmer had some impressive stats vs the Cowboys. His 325 yards and 2 TDs should not be minimized, especially against a defense that really stepped up in the 2nd half of that game. With that in mind, the 49ers don’t really have a competitive defense at all, especially compared to the Cowboys whom, let’s face it, have a pedestrian defense at best. Palmer is going to light up the Niners in Arizona, and if the Cards’ defense holds up, it’s not even going to be close.

Sit Em: Kirk Cousins vs KC

I’ll admit it. Cousins had a very impressive performance vs the Raiders and possibly pulled off the upset of the year thus far. Think about it though: how long until Cousins crumbles under pressure against the Chiefs at Arrowhead stadium? I don’t think it will take long, and although I believe Cousins is a better QB than he gets credit for, he doesn’t stand a chance vs KC.


Start Em: Jordan Howard vs GB

I have Howard as my 5th ranked RB tonight vs Green Bay, his first appearance in the Top 5 so far this season. The second year back seems to finally be picking up the pace after a very slow start to the season. The Bears always put up a fight vs the Packers, so I think this will be a good game. Jordan Howard will make it competitive throughout, and although the Bears will lose, you won’t with Howard in your lineup.

Sit Em: Todd Gurley vs DAL

Todd Gurley won’t run through Dallas’s defensive line if DeMarcus Lawrence has anything to say about it. I don’t think any O-Line wants to play against D-Law right now, and with the Cowboys strong LB core and their up and coming D-Line, Gurley will have no answer for the Boys in Blue. Also, don’t forget that the Cowboys had the top ranked rushing defense last year, and though they have a lot of new faces on that side of the ball, the spirit is still there. Don’t risk your record by starting Gurley this week in Dallas against Rod Marinelli’s defense.


Start Em: Doug Baldwin vs IND

If the Seahawks are planning on having a breakout game at any point, this would be the week. A key part in the Seahawks’ possible resurgence after they’re 1-2 start is going to have to be Doug Baldwin. As I said in the opening of this article, I think Doug Baldwin, Russell Wilson’s favorite target is going to have two touchdowns vs Indianapolis this weekend, and although that might be a stretch, I feel that it is a real possibility. In all leagues, Baldwin is a must-start this week vs the Colts.

Sit Em: Amari Cooper vs DEN

Cooper is having the same problem he had most of last season. When the Raiders are clicking offensively, Cooper is getting double-covered, leaving Michael Crabtree wide open to catch multiple touchdowns from Derek Carr. However, when the Raiders are playing a good defense like the Broncos, Cooper fails even more at hauling in receptions, let alone touchdowns. I don’t know how much I trust the Raiders this week in mile-high in the first place, so for that reason, Cooper is a “Sit Em”  for Week 4.


Start Em: Zach Ertz vs LAC

Hopefully this week will not be the same as it was last week for Tight Ends in fantasy. I’ve been pretty high on Zach Ertz all season, and against a porous defense like the Chargers, Carson Wentz’s top red-zone target is going to have a great game. I think Ertz is going to be a solid tight end for the entire season, but especially this week, he needs to be in your starting lineup.

Sit Em: Eric Ebron vs MIN

And the woes of Eric Ebron continue. Optimistic Lions fans will tell you that Ebron is on the verge of hitting his stride. I’ve thought that was the case for a while now, but Ebron has failed time and time again to show any signs of becoming the superstar so many people expected him to be coming out of the 2014 draft. Until he shows otherwise, Ebron is a low-grade tight end in fantasy who deserves no better than to be your backup on the bench.


Start Em: Matt Prater vs MIN

To me, Matt Prater has been the most exciting kicker of the season so far. He just earned NFC Special Teams player of the Month for all of his 50 yard kicks, and that talent of nailing them from near mid-field easily earns Prater a spot as my top “Start Em” at kicker this week. Expect another chance at a 50-yarder against a very intriguing Vikings defense.

Sit Em: Adam Vinatieri vs SEA

Unless the Seahawks really are that bad, the Colts aren’t going to put over 10 points on the board. That’s at most 4 points for Vinatieri. Also, he’s missed some normally easy kicks this year, and those were against pretty bad teams. The Seahawks aren’t bad. The Colts are. Sit Em.


Start Em: Jaguars vs NYJ

The Jags hung 44 on the Ravens last week and held them to only 7. The Ravens are a much better team than the Jets, and that should say something for this week. Now I’m not trying to rip on the Jets, but before their surprising win over the Dolphins last week, many people believed they could go 0-16. This “Start Em” is more about the young Jags talent than their struggling opponent, but still, they’re playing the Jets!

Sit Em: Texans vs TEN

Tennessee’s offense put on a show last week vs the Seahawks, and they arguably have a much better defense that the Texans. I think that Houston has a really good defense, but the problem that they’re going to have is that this is likely going to be a high scoring affair. Division game. Teams fighting for superiority in a now competitive AFC South. This is going to be a shootout. It’d be best to leave the Texans defense on your bench to recover.

That does it for my Week 4 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

2017-18 NFL Week 4 Position Rankings

A few things to consider: 1. I’m banking on the Jags defense this week. They look great and now they’re playing the Jets. 2. I really like Doug Baldwin this week. The Colts suck, and Baldwin is a total stud who also happens to be Russell Wilson’s favorite target. 3. You’ll notice Kareem Hunt is my top ranked RB this week. I believe in this kid. Let’s hope he doesn’t let me down. With all that said, here are my position rankings for Week 4 of the NFL season.


  1. Aaron Rodgers vs CHI
  2. Tom Brady vs CAR
  3. Drew Brees vs MIA
  4. Dak Prescott vs LAR
  5. Matt Ryan vs BUF
  6. Derek Carr vs DEN
  7. Jameis Winston vs NYG
  8. Russell Wilson vs IND
  9. Carson Palmer vs SF
  10. Matthew Stafford vs MIN
  11. Marcus Mariota vs HOU
  12. Alex Smith vs WSH
  13. Kirk Cousins vs KC
  14. Ben Roethlisberger vs BAL
  15. Carson Wentz vs LAC
  16. Jared Goff vs DAL
  17. Cam Newton vs NE
  18. Trevor Siemian vs OAK
  19. Joe Flacco vs PIT
  20. DeShaun Watson vs TEN
  21. Eli Manning vs TB
  22. Philip Rivers vs PHI


  1. Kareem Hunt vs WSH
  2. Ezekiel Elliott vs LAR
  3. Le’Veon Bell vs BAL
  4. Devonta Freeman vs BUF
  5. Jordan Howard vs GB
  6. Jay Ajayi vs NO
  7. DeMarco Murray vs HOU
  8. Todd Gurley vs DAL
  9. Ty Montgomery vs CHI
  10. LeSean McCoy vs ATL
  11. Carlos Hyde vs ARI
  12. Melvin Gordon vs PHI
  13. Chris Thompson vs KC
  14. Leonard Fournette vs NYJ
  15. Marshawn Lynch vs DEN
  16. CJ Anderson vs OAK
  17. Christian McCaffrey vs NE
  18. Dalvin Cook vs DET
  19. Terrance West vs PIT
  20. Lamar Miller vs TEN
  21. James White vs CAR
  22. Wendell Smallwood vs LAC
  23. Frank Gore vs SEA
  24. Isaiah Crowell vs CIN
  25. Ameer Abdullah vs MIN


  1. Antonio Brown vs BAL
  2. Julio Jones vs BUF
  3. Mike Evans vs NYG
  4. AJ Green vs CLE
  5. Odell Beckham Jr. vs TB
  6. Jordy Nelson vs CHI
  7. Michael Thomas vs MIA
  8. Doug Baldwin vs IND
  9. Larry Fitzgerald vs SF
  10. Brandin Cooks vs CAR
  11. Amari Cooper vs DEN
  12. Dez Bryant vs LAR
  13. Jarvis Landry vs NO
  14. Stefon Diggs vs DET
  15. TY Hilton vs SEA
  16. Tyreek Hill vs PHI
  17. Michael Crabtree vs DEN
  18. Demaryius Thomas vs OAK
  19. DeAndre Hopkins vs TEN
  20. Keenan Allen vs PHI
  21. Golden Tate vs MIN
  22. Pierre Garcon vs ARI
  23. Emmanuel Sanders vs OAK
  24. Kelvin Benjamin vs NE
  25. Jermaine Kearse vs JAX


  1. Rob Gronkowski vs CAR
  2. Travis Kelce vs WSH
  3. Jimmy Graham vs IND
  4. Jordan Reed vs KC
  5. Delanie Walker vs HOU
  6. Kyle Rudolph vs DET
  7. Hunter Henry vs PHI
  8. Jason Witten vs LAR
  9. Zach Ertz vs LAC
  10. Jared Cook vs DEN
  11. Austin Hooper vs BUF
  12. Charles Clay vs ATL
  13. Coby Fleener vs MIA
  14. Cameron Brate vs NYG
  15. Eric Ebron vs MIN
  16. Martellus Bennett vs CHI
  17. Evan Engram vs TB


  1. Justin Tucker vs PIT
  2. Stephen Gostkowski vs CAR
  3. Dan Bailey vs LAR
  4. Mason Crosby vs CHI
  5. Cairo Santos vs WSH
  6. Matt Prater vs MIN
  7. Blair Walsh vs IND
  8. Will Lutz vs MIA
  9. Giorgio Tavecchio vs DEN
  10. Jake Elliott vs LAC
  11. Chris Boswell vs BAL
  12. Steven Hauschka vs ATL
  13. Adam Vinatieri vs SEA
  14. Brandon McManus vs OAK
  15. Graham Gano vs NE


  1. Chiefs vs WSH
  2. Jaguars vs NYJ
  3. Titans vs HOU
  4. Seahawks vs IND
  5. Steelers vs BAL
  6. Ravens vs PIT
  7. Dolphins vs NO
  8. Buccaneers vs NYG
  9. Broncos vs OAK
  10. Cowboys vs LAR
  11. Rams vs DAL
  12. Detroit vs MIN
  13. Texans vs TEN
  14. Raiders vs DEN
  15. Vikings vs DET

Make sure to check back tomorrow for Game Picks and my weekly Start Em, Sit Em. Good luck this week!

2017-2018 NFL Week 3 Winners and Losers

I apologize for the late uploading of this week’s winners and losers, but the Cowboys were playing on Monday, so you know, priorities. All kidding aside though, TEs were terrible this week! So were the Raiders! Let’s talk more about that! Here are my Winners and Losers for Week 3 of the 2017-18 NFL season.



Kirk Cousins

Cousins finally had his first solid game of the season as he and the Redskins surprised everyone by demolishing the Raiders on Sunday Night Football. After truly stinking up the league in the first two weeks, Captain Kirk threw for 365 yards, 3 TDs and a 150.7 passer rating while leading the Redskins to win that tied them for first place in the NFC East. Cousins’ performance was MUCH needed, and without it, the Redskins quarterback would’ve been in some hot water leading up to this week. However, Cousins killed it, so he is my top winner at QB this week in the NFL. You like that?!

DeShaun Watson

Don’t let the fact that the Texans lost confuse you. Rookie Deshaun Watson had one of the week’s best performances and nearly beat Tom Brady. Sure he had 2 INTS, but the guy put up over 300 yards and 2 TDs vs Matt Patricia’s defense. Texans fans should be excited for the future because if their offense continues clicking and their defense steps up, Houston will be a force to be reckoned with in the AFC.


Jordan Howard

Jordan Howard has Tarik Cohen to thank for stepping out of bounds on his supposed game-winning TD run in overtime vs the Steelers on Sunday. Cohen stepping out allowed Howard to step IN-to the endzone and give the Bears the W. The game winner capped of Howard’s impressive day of 138 yards and 2 TDs, further establishing him as the Bears top RB and my top winner at Running Back this week.

Chris Thompson

If you are lucky enough to still have Thompson available in your league, them pick this kid up! This week against the Raiders, Thompson gained a total of 188 yards in the Redskins win, along with 1 touchdown in a dominant performance. I really like Thompson’s upside, as he seems to be the Redskins’ most reliable option in the slot and out of the backfield. So far this season, defenses have been no match for the speedy back, and although he barely missed being ranked as a winner last week, he definitely deserves the nod this week.


Brandin Cooks

Jarvis Landry and Brandin Cooks completely swapped positions this week, as last week, Landry killed it and Cooks sucked, while this week, Cooks killed it and Landry sucked. There is no denying that Cooks had a great game with 2 scores (including the game-winner) and over 130 yards. He finally found his stride with Tom Brady, and yet he is super inconsistent with New England. He is an easy winner for this week, but how will he perform for the rest of the season? HOPEFULLY this production will continue, but with Cooks, there is no way to tell.

TY Hilton

TY Hilton is lucky to have Jacoby Brissett. No one could have predicted that Hilton would have the game that he did. Most people had given up on the pro bowler, just waiting for Andrew Luck to return, but the superstar woke up this week with 7 receptions, 153 yards, and a TD against a terrible Browns defense and silenced his critics. What a performance, and what a game by Brissett and Hilton. Winner, winner, chicken dinner.


Marcedes Lewis

Did you start Marcedes Lewis this week? Neither did anyone else. Don’t start him next week though. Just don’t. I want to make sure everybody hears this. Don’t do it. Anyway, Lewis hauled in 3 TDs this week from Blake Bortles, and he played unbelievably. It would be impossible to not list him as a winner this week, as he had the best performance by far of any TE on Sunday. Still, although I’m not minimizing Lewis’s performance, he only had 4 receptions for 62 yards. The production will not continue. Don’t count on it in any way. However, if anything is going to make you a winner in fantasy, it’s 3 TDs, so…

Ryan Griffin

This was a slow week for TEs. No one was really a winner except for Marcedes Lewis, but Griffin had a pretty strong game. In his homecoming game, Griffin provided DeShaun Watson with a reliable target whom Watson took advantage of 5 times for 61 yards and a TD. He could actually prove to be a great talent in the Texans passing game, but like everyone, I am looking forward to next week when this column can go back to being about more prominent players. TEs were overall pretty slow this week.


Jake Elliott

The snap is good for the rookie Jake Elliott, the kick is up, (is it long enough?) and it’s good! Unbelievable! Jake Elliott from 61 yards and the Eagles have beaten the Giants! I don’t believe it! Only time I’ve ever rooted for the Eagles. Unbelievable kick. Great fourth quarter by the Eagles. Great game by this week’s winner, Jake Elliott.

Steven Hauschka

Steven Hauschka couldn’t have asked for a better week, as in standard leagues, the Bills placekicker scored 18 points. To put that in perspective, if Hauschka were a RB, he would have scored in top 10 for fantasy points this week. I pity anyone who played against him, for although Jake Elliott was a winner for his kick, Hauschka is a winner for completely dominating vs the Broncos.


Jacksonville Jaguars

Surprisingly in London this week, the dominating defense was not the Ravens, but the Jags. Jacksonville held a 2-0 team scoreless until three minutes to go in the 4th and that is truly remarkable. I really thought their defensive dominance wouldn’t last after week 1, but after this performance, Jalen Ramsey has some evidence to support his claim that the Jags have the best defense in the league.

Kansas City Chiefs

If I had to list every player that Philip Rivers has thrown an interception to, this article would be a hundred pages long. Rivers added to the list Sunday, throwing 4 INTs against the Chiefs and making them an easy winner for this week and likely weeks to come.



Derek Carr

This was a tough one for fantasy owners to watch, as the Raiders totaled the least amount of yards of any team this season. Derek Carr was held to the least amount of fantasy points of any major starter this week after being considered a stud after the first two weeks. I doubt the game will affect him in the long run, but it made him a loser for this week.

Cam Newton

Does the MVP slump normally carry over for a second season? It definitely has for Cam Newton whom can barely call himself a good fantasy quarterback these last few weeks. It’s not good that we’ve almost come to expect a bad performance from Newton week to week, and that alone makes him an easy loser.


Jay Ajayi

Ajayi was playing the Jets this week! He probably ran for close to 200 yards, right?! Wrong. If you subtract 184 yards from that though, you’d be spot on! Yeah. 16 yards vs the Jets. Yeesh!

Marshawn Lynch

It wasn’t just Derek Carr that the Redskins shut down. Beast Mode just turned into Least Mode in terms of rushing yards this weekend, and that continued his extremely slow start out of retirement. Not a good sign for fantasy owners when their ADP 3rd round RB takes two Ls in one week.


Jarvis Landry

As I said before, Cooks and Landry completely switched places this week. If you want to go back up and see what I said about Cooks, the opposite can be said for Landry. He got killed in PPR which means that non-PPR was even worse. Maybe the Jets are just the best team in the NFL and we don’t know it yet, but I find that very unlikely, so Jarvis Landry is on his own this week as a loser.

Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree

In case you haven’t figured it out yet, the Raiders are my biggest loser of the week. NBC can stop arguing over who is the better receiver, because both Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree combined for 2 points this week. You were truly unfortunate if you had one of these guys starting this week, but on the off chance that you had both……Oh my.


Eric Ebron

The woes of Eric Ebron can’t seem to come to an end. He was supposed to have a pretty strong opening to his season, but against Atlanta, he only managed 2 receptions for 9 yards. That is arguably the worst TE performance this week from a relatively big-name guy. Too bad for Ebron that he’s catching as many Ls this week as he did passes vs the Falcons.

Martellus Bennett

I’ll leave it to Andrew Siciliano to describe what Martellus Bennett is like on the Packers. While making a “Pulp Fiction” reference, Siciliano asked, “What does Martellus Bennett look like? He looks like a guy who can’t catch passes for Green Bay”. Sad but true. Sorry Martellus.


Justin Tucker

Not a single FGA attempt by Tucker this week! Not one! Vs the Jaguars! The best kicker in fantasy had no chances to show his skill, and that wasn’t really his fault, but as a kicker, there was nothing he could do.

Stephen Gostkowski

The top two kickers in the league, Justin Tucker and Stephen Gostkowski, both greatly under performed this week with the latter also getting zero FGA vs the Texans. What was going on this week with AFC South defenses?


Baltimore Ravens

Well I’ll be the first to say it, guys. I blew it big time. I had the Ravens as my top ranked defense this week, and they went DEEP into negative points vs the Jags in London. Still not sure what happened there. They were playing against Blake Bortles for god’s sake! What more can a defense ask for? Either way, there is no excuse for how they performed. They are a big, fat loser for this week.

Seattle Seahawks

It was supposed to be the Seahawks OFFENSE that made the team look bad, but the defense joined the club this week vs the Titans and never looked back. Where was the Legion of Boom on Sunday? I actually don’t have a witty pun to respond with, I just want to know. Anyway, they are big time losers for the time being.

Check back tomorrow and Thursday for this week’s rankings and my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em”. Also, be sure to keep checking back for possible game picks this week… Stay tuned!

2017-18 NFL Week 3 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 3 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. Don’t start DeMarco Murray this week. He is injured and might not play anyway. 2. I think the Philly receivers will do well this week vs the Giants. Whoever lines up across from Eli Apple will score a TD. 3. This is going to hopefully be a comeback week for the Dallas Cowboys. Expect Dak and Zeke to come out on Monday night against the Cardinals with something to prove. With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 3 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Ben Roethlisberger vs CHI
This is the second straight week that I have my “Start Em” QB facing the Bears, and that is not an accident. The Bears are awful. When you put a terrible defense up against a future hall of famer and the best receiving corps in the league, blowouts ensue. Expect Big Ben to put up monster numbers with plenty of long throws downfield to Antonio Brown and Martavis Bryant. I would be surprised if he doesn’t have over 20 fantasy points by the end of the 3rd quarter against this dysfunctional Chicago defense.

Sit Em: Marcus Mariota vs SEA
Marcus Mariota is a great quarterback, don’t get me wrong. However, the Seahawks defense is one of the best in the NFL. Due to the possible loss of DeMarco Murray, and the great Seahawks D-Line, the Titans running game is going to be stopped. With that handled, the passing game will easily take a hit as well. Though I see a possible upset on the horizon, I don’t trust Mariota to deliver this weekend vs the Seahawks.


Start Em: Ty Montgomery vs CIN
Montgomery has put up the second most total points by RBs through the first two weeks of the Fantasy season. This guy is a stud, and he has shown it through his powerful running style and fantastic work as a receiver (since he started as one in the first place). Cincinnati is a broken team, and Montgomery is as hot right now as any player in the league. The Bengals don’t stand a chance against a healthy Ty Montgomery this week.

Sit Em: Leonard Fournette vs BAL
This spot should really just go to DeMarco Murray, but that would be too easy. Fournette had a great first game, a forgettable second game, and now he has to play the Ravens defense, my top ranked defense of the week. Fournette is going to get shut down. Plain and simple. Have fun in London, Leonard! Say hello to the queen for me.


Start Em: Jarvis Landry vs NYJ
Landry looked like he was in midseason form last week vs the Chargers. The guy got 13 receptions. 13! That’s unheard of today in the NFL, but Landry seems to be able to do it on a consistent basis. If you are in a PPR league, Landry is a MUST start this week against arguably the worst team in the NFL. This one is a no-brainer.

Sit Em: Brandin Cooks vs HOU
This sucks. Cooks is too unpredictable on the Patriots. He was a very consistent deep threat and a Fantasy god when he was on the Saints, but with Brady at QB, Cooks has only managed 5 receptions through 2 games. Even when the Pats had only two healthy receivers last week vs Cooks’ old team, Cooks failed to get any meaningful targets. I’m sure Brandin Cooks will get his mojo back at some point, but until then, you should give him some time to reflect on his play while sitting on your bench.


Start Em: Jimmy Graham vs TEN
I’m calling it right now. This is Graham’s breakout week. I expected Graham to score about 12 TDs this year, and thus far, he has surprised me by being extremely quiet. I don’t see this continuing, as the Seahawks are due for a high scoring game this week vs the Titans. We all know the Hawks’ offense has to wake up at some point. This is the week. You heard it here first.

Sit Em: Tyler Eifert vs GB
Injuries. Bad team. Few targets. Still drafted as one of the top TEs in Fantasy Leagues. Until Andy Dalton wakes up from his football nap where he is probably dreaming of a playoff win, Eifert is a “Sit Em”. Time to look for a backup.


Start Em: Will Lutz vs CAR
These games in the NFC South are always high scoring, and they are always fun to watch. I expect Lutz to have at least 7 points, even if those points are just from PATs. It is going to be a big game for the Saints this week against a division rival. Expect a lot of action from Will Lutz.

Sit Em: Younghoe Koo vs KC
As I’ve said before, Koo is not “koo” at all in crunch time (2 missed FGS in the closing seconds of his first two games this season). Sorry for the pun. You get the point. *insert sound of Younghoe Koo sitting down on a bench here*


Start Em: Ravens vs JAX
I love the Ravens this year. They are a truly impressive team, and that is mostly because of their dominant defense. They are not a very well renowned fantasy defense normally, but I really feel them this year, especially against a turnover friendly offense like Jacksonville. This is my top ranked defense of the week. Start Em!

Sit Em: Cardinals vs DAL
The Cardinals were my top ranked defense last week, and this week they have fallen completely out of my rankings. In primetime this week on Monday night, I think the Cowboys are going to have a true comeback game. The Cardinals defense better watch out. The Boys in Blue are coming.

This article concludes my tools for a Week 3 victory. Good luck everyone!

2017-18 Week 3 NFL Position Rankings

A few things to consider: Todd Gurley looks like he did two seasons ago, and that is good news for a guy who was drafted during the 2nd round on average in most fantasy drafts. Also, I am completely buying into Kareem Hunt. I think that kid is going to do great things. Finally, Ty Montgomery may be Aaron Rodgers’ most valuable weapon on offense (sorry Jordy Nelson fans). His strong running game mixed with his dangerous pass catching ability has been the best of all RBs through the first two weeks of the season. If you would like to hear more specific player advice, check back on Wednesdays for my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em” column. Anyway, with that in mind, here my position rankings for Week 3 of the NFL Season:


  1. Tom Brady vs HOU
  2. Aaron Rodgers vs CIN
  3. Drew Brees vs CAR
  4. Derek Carr vs WSH
  5. Matt Ryan vs DET
  6. Ben Roethlisberger vs CHI
  7. Russell Wilson vs TEN
  8. Jameis Winston vs MIN
  9. Dak Prescott vs ARI
  10. Cam Newton vs NO
  11. Alex Smith vs LAC
  12. Carson Palmer vs DAL
  13. Carson Wentz vs NYG
  14. Matthew Stafford vs ATL
  15. Marcus Mariota vs SEA
  16. Trevor Siemian vs BUF
  17. Joe Flacco vs JAX
  18. Kirk Cousins vs OAK
  19. Eli Manning vs PHI
  20. Philip Rivers vs KC


  1. Le’Veon Bell vs CHI
  2. Kareem Hunt vs LAC
  3. Ezekiel Elliott vs ARI
  4.   Todd Gurley vs SF
  5.   Ty Montgomery vs CIN
  6.   Melvin Gordon vs KC
  7.   LeSean McCoy vs DEN   
  8.   Devonta Freeman vs DET
  9.   Jay Ajayi vs NYJ
  10. Marshawn Lynch vs WSH
  11. CJ Anderson vs BUF
  12. Leonard Fournette vs BAL
  13. Jordan Howard vs PIT
  14. DeMarco Murray vs SEA
  15. Christian McCaffrey vs NO
  16. Dalvin Cook vs TB
  17. Carlos Hyde vs LAR
  18. Terrance West vs JAX
  19. Lamar Miller vs NE
  20. Frank Gore vs CLE
  21. Isaiah Crowell vs IND
  22. Mike Gillislee vs HOU
  23. Ameer Abdullah vs ATL
  24. Mark Ingram vs CAR
  25. Theo Riddick vs ATL


  1. Antonio Brown vs CHI
  2. Mike Evans vs MIN
  3. Julio Jones vs DET
  4. Jordy Nelson vs CIN
  5. Michael Thomas vs CAR
  6. Odell Beckham Jr. vs PHI
  7. AJ Green vs GB
  8. Amari Cooper vs WSH
  9. Larry Fitzgerald vs DAL
  10. Jarvis Landry vs NYJ
  11. Doug Baldwin vs TEN
  12. Dez Bryant vs ARI
  13. Michael Crabtree vs WSH
  14. Tyreek Hill vs LAC
  15. Demaryius Thomas vs BUF
  16. Brandin Cooks vs HOU
  17. DeAndre Hopkins vs NE
  18. Golden Tate vs ATL
  19. TY Hilton vs CLE
  20. Keenan Allen vs KC
  21. Kelvin Benjamin vs NO
  22. Emmanuel Sanders vs BUF
  23. Jermaine Kearse vs MIA
  24. Stefon Diggs vs TB
  25. Terrelle Pryor Sr. vs OAK


  1. Travis Kelce vs LAC
  2. Jordan Reed vs LAR
  3. Rob Gronkowski vs HOU
  4. Jimmy Graham vs TEN
  5. Kyle Rudolph vs TB
  6. Delanie Walker vs SEA
  7. Hunter Henry vs KC
  8. Zach Ertz vs NYG
  9. Jason Witten vs ARI
  10. Austin Hooper vs DET
  11. Cameron Brate vs MIN
  12. Jared Cook vs WSH
  13. Tyler Eifert vs GB
  14. Coby Fleener vs CAR
  15. Martellus Bennett vs CIN
  16. Charles Clay vs DEN
  17. Evan Engram vs PHI
  18. Eric Ebron vs ATL


  1. Justin Tucker vs JAX
  2. Stephen Gostkowski vs HOU
  3. Dan Bailey vs ARI
  4. Cairo Santos vs LAC
  5. Mason Crosby vs CIN
  6. Giorgio Tavecchio vs WSH
  7. Blair Walsh vs TEN
  8. Will Lutz vs CAR
  9. Matt Prater vs ATL
  10. Adam Vinatieri vs CLE
  11. Chris Boswell vs CHI
  12. Dustin Hopkins vs OAK
  13. Graham Gano vs NO
  14. Phil Dawson vs DAL
  15. Brandon McManus vs BUF


  1. Ravens vs JAX
  2. Chiefs vs LAC
  3. Titans vs SEA
  4. Steelers vs CHI
  5. Dolphins vs NYJ
  6. Seahawks vs TEN
  7. Rams vs SF
  8. Buccaneers vs MIN
  9. Falcons vs DET
  10. Raiders vs WSH
  11. Cowboys vs ARI
  12. Panthers vs NO
  13. Texans vs NE
  14. Colts vs CLE
  15. Browns vs IND

Make sure to check back tomorrow for more in depth analysis to help your team win this week!

2017-18 NFL Week 2 Winners and Losers

In a week full of underwhelming RB performances and hurt TEs, here are my winners and losers:



 Trevor Siemian

The appeal of Siemian in Fantasy leagues seems to be growing. It makes a lot of sense, as the former 7th round pick thrashed the Chargers defense on Monday, then turned around and made the Cowboys defense look like a joke. The Broncos had 7 straight 3rd down conversions against America’s Team, thanks in large part to Siemian’s play outside the pocket and his incredible field vision. His dominance showed early on, and he didn’t slow down until his team was already up 3 scores. Overall, Siemian’s respectable win over the Cowboys along with his 4 TDS made him one of the top performers of Week 2.

Tom Brady

This is one of the rare times that Brady actually deserves recognition as a Fantasy “Winner”. The GOAT is expected to always post monster numbers, but this expectation was put in question after his bad performance last week vs KC. The brief talk about Brady being too old was quickly put to rest Sunday when Tommy Boy absolutely lit up the Saints in New Orleans. The Saints never had a chance, as Brady threw for 447 yards and 3 TDS on his way to a blowout over the Saints and to being one of my “Winners” for this week.


Jay Ajayi

I had Ajayi as my “Start Em” at RB this week, and the shifty back did not disappoint. It was a relatively slow day for RBs throughout the league, but Ajayi still managed to impress, running for 122 yards and a win over a strong Chargers D-Line. I expect Ajayi to remain a reliable back all season should he stay healthy, and after his performance this week, he shows no signs of proving me wrong.

CJ Anderson

Remember when CJ Anderson was considered one of the best backs in fantasy? He sure does! Anderson used his matchup against the Cowboys to reestablish himself as a reliable RB1 instead of just a normal to subpar RB2, while also managing 2 scores in the Broncos 42-17 win on Sunday. However, Anderson’s owners should be aware of his possible decline, as 2nd year back Devontae Booker is looking to make his return to the lineup in the coming weeks. For now though, Anderson and his owners should be proud of his well-above-average performance this week.


Jarvis Landry

Many people were worried about how Landry would perform with Jay Cutler throwing to him. On Sunday, we were treated to an astounding 13 reception outing which is HUGE in PPR leagues. To go along with this, Landry managed 78 yards on his way to a Dolphins win over the Chargers. Overall, if you are not in a PPR league, Landry’s performance means less, but in Half-PPR and up leagues, Landry was one of the most satisfying performers of Week 2.

Jermaine Kearse

I said last week that if Kearse continued his production, he would be a huge PPR threat for the Jets. Kearse seems to be winning his trade from the Seahawks (even if the Jets aren’t), as he has already caught more than 25% the amount of receptions he had last year with the Seahawks (11 through 2 weeks this year, 41 all of last year). Against the Raiders, the receiver hauled in two scores to go along with 4 receptions for 64 yards. He is on pace for 88 receptions this year, so for a guy who is available in the majority of leagues, Kearse is a must-add and one of my top performers of the week.


 Travis Kelce

If only Kelce could stop getting flagged for Unsportsmanlike Conduct penalties all time, he could be one of the best leaders in the NFL. Kelce has officially offered Rob Gronkowski a real opponent when people talk about the best TE in the league. This week, he was top five in receiving yards between WRs and TEs, and he also hauled in one TD on the way to a dramatic Kansas City win over the Eagles. If his dominance continues, Kelce could finish as the top Tight End in fantasy, so he is a definite winner this week.

Jason Witten

Did you know that Witten actually leads the league in receptions through 2 weeks? I’m surprised, and he is one of my favorite players! The old timer caught ten passes this week for 97 yards and a TD against Denver, and he would have had another score had he not dropped one late in the 4th quarter. Witten has now made this list 2 weeks in a row because of his consistency on post routes and in the short game. Here’s to hoping he is a winner every week!


Cody Parkey

Parkey nailed 4 FGs including a 54 yarder, accounting for 12 of the Dolphins 19 points. Without Parkey’s pinpoint accuracy, the Dolphins would have fallen to Los Angeles, so he is the definition of a winner.

Chris Boswell

Boswell also went 4/4  vs the Vikings, and although the Steelers didn’t necessarily need the points, the Pittsburgh kicker put up the same amount of points as Jarvis Landry in a Half-PPR league. Pretty strong performance. Easy winner.


Tampa Bay Buccaneers

As someone I know put it, “I might just start whichever defense plays the Bears all season.” This week that defense was that of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and they made the Bears look like the team we know and don’t love at all. Still, just because the Bears aren’t the best team, doesn’t mean the Bucs got lucky. Tampa Bay held Chicago to a goose-egg in the first half, in large part due to their run defense. This was Tampa Bay’s first game of the season, so they were fresh, but their defense easily established them as a playoff contender and made them the best performers of Week 2.

Atlanta Falcons

Credit the Falcons for coming up big against the Packers. This was a crucial game against arguably the best team in the NFC, and Atlanta still managed to shut Green Bay down. The defense also scored a touchdown off an Aaron Rodgers fumble, so they put up near double their projected points for the week. The success of the Falcons defense in the passing game has been surprising thus far, and makes them an easy winner this week.



Dak Prescott

Sadly, this was the first time Rayne Dakota Prescott looked overwhelmed in a game. The quarterback who only threw 4 picks through 17 games ended up throwing 2 vs the Broncos including a pick 6 late to help Denver seal their win. We have all come to expect more from #4, so this performance came as a surprise. Defenses have figured out that Dak loves to throw it short, and that is a big problem as they end up locking down Dez Bryant and force Dak into tough situations. Until the long play ability comes back to Dallas, Dak might be out of luck.

Kirk Cousins

You heard it here first! Cousins was listed as my “Sit Em” at QB, and Captain Kirk had another statistically underwhelming performance Sunday vs the Rams. People are going to look at his game winning drive, but those drives aren’t important in Fantasy. Let’s not forget that Kirk Cousins only threw for 179 yards and a touchdown, one of the worst performances for a quarterback this week. Cousins should not expect that big extension any time soon with the start he’s had to the 2017-18 season.


Ezekiel Elliott

9 touches for 8 yards. I want to think that this is more about the Broncos defense than Zeke. I want to think that this game is just a blip in what looks to be a great season for Elliott. Sadly, Zeke just didn’t look like he cared too much about the game vs the Broncos on Sunday, and it translated in his play. Luckily, the courts have once again ruled in favor of Elliott, denying the NFL’s recent motion against him, so hopefully, HOPEFULLY, Ezekiel Elliott can pick up the pace next week against the Cardinals.

Saints RBs

If you followed my instructions this week, then you didn’t go anywhere near starting anyone on the Saints because I said they would stink it up. Well, the backs in New Orleans proved me right with the top performer of all three of them, Alvin Kamara, only managing 6 fantasy points. This was against the Patriots defensive line whom only one week prior looked like a dumpster fire. This was yet another disappointing performance from the Saints backfield, and I don’t expect any major improvements next week vs the Panthers.


Brandin Cooks

By the 3rd quarter of New England’s bout vs New Orleans, the Pats only had two healthy wide receivers. STILL (!!!), Cooks only managed 2 receptions from Tom Brady, moving his season total up to only 5. Fantasy owners who used high draft picks on Cooks better hope his output improves. Otherwise, they are in for a long season.

Amari Cooper

The shadow of Michael Crabtree continues to loom large over Amari Cooper. On Sunday, Cooper scored only 5 fantasy points while Michael Crabtree hauled in 3 scores from Derek Carr. Let this be considered maybe as a “Winner” article for Crabtree who played amazingly vs the Jets and showed his true fantasy value. However, it seems that a win for one of the receivers means a loss for the other, so in this case, my loser is Amari Cooper.


Austin Hooper

As I said in the “Start Em, Sit Em” column earlier in the week, Hooper was doomed against the Packers defense. As I expected, the TE failed to copy his performance from last week and got only 2 receptions for 7 yards. I still think Hooper will have a nice season, but even 7 yards is less of an output than I expected.

Tyler Eifert

Eifert got 3 receptions. (meh.) Eifert got 42 yards. (meh.) Eifert got his back and knee injured vs the Texans. (Uh-oh! – Andy Dalton)


Younghoe Koo

This is the second straight week that Koo has had a game winning or game tying field goal either blocked or just flat out missed. If the Chargers want to win this season, they might have to start thinking about a more reliable kicker. Until then, Koo needs to step up his game big-time.

Connor Barth

1 XP. No FGA. Need I say more?


Jacksonville Jaguars

What did I say? “Sacksonville” became all but a thing in the past once the Jaguars were dismantled by the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. No need to fully get into this one. The Titans played very well, the Jags D did not. All that needs to be said is that the Jaguars defense scored negative points this week. If that doesn’t scream loser, I don’t know what does.

Minnesota Vikings

One player made the Vikes a loser for me this week, and that player is Steelers WR Martavis Bryant. The Vikings did a good job locking down Antonio Brown, but the Steelers just have too many weapons in the passing game. If the Vikings could have just stopped Bryant, they would have won, but their secondary simply didn’t get the job done. Perhaps the normally solid Minnesota defense can step up next week against the Buccaneers, but for now, they are my losers for Week 2.

Hope you all did well this week! As you can see, my predictions were spot on. Make sure to check back tomorrow and Wednesday for my weekly Positional Rankings and the Week 3 edition of Start Em, Sit Em.

2017-18 NFL Week 2 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 2 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. Here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 2 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Jameis Winston vs CHI
Winston had an extra week of rest in Week 1 while the Bears lost a heartbreaker at Soldier Field to the Atlanta Falcons. I fully expect Winston to tear up the porous defense of the Chicago Bears on his way to a 1-0 start. In the process, aside from a turnover or two, Jameis Winston will have a big day in yards, especially with his new deep threat Desean Jackson, and he will likely throw close to 3 touchdowns to his star studded receiving core. He is a must start in all leagues.

Sit Em: Kirk Cousins vs LAR
If last week was any indication, Kirk Cousins is going to have a slow start to the season. By no means do I think the Rams are going to win this game by a lot. I’m not even sure they will win at all. That’s not what will affect Cousins’ performance. The Rams defense looked extremely strong vs the Colts, and the strength of the Rams cornerbacks paired with Cousins’ apparent struggles so far will lead to a subpar performance this Sunday in Los Angeles.


Start Em: Jay Ajayi vs LAC
Another example of what rest vs a heartbroken team can do for a player’s fantasy performance. The Chargers have a solid defense against the run, but Ajayi has made it clear that it takes a lot of work to stop him. Expect Ajayi to burst out of the gates guns a blazin’ and run over the Chargers defenders. This average 2nd round pick in fantasy drafts will look to live up to his hype in the Dolphins opener this weekend.

Sit Em: Mark Ingram and Adrian Peterson vs NE
The New England defense simply did not look good vs the Chiefs, and they clearly couldn’t stop the run, as Kareem Hunt put up monster numbers on them. So why should you sit two good backs vs what looks to be a weak defensive line? The Saints backfield is currently working as a committee as shown in their play vs the Vikings on Monday night, and of the three main RBs who got carries for New Orleans, rookie Alvin Kamara showed the most promise. Look for Kamara to continue this uprising and don’t take a chance on either Ingram or Peterson vs the Patriots.


Start Em: Tyreek Hill vs PHI
Tyreek Hill is one of the most exciting players in the NFL today. He can burn any defender who lines up across from him simply with his speed. The Philly defense isn’t horrible, just not good enough to stop Hill when he lines up in 1,000 different positions. Look for the speedy receiver’s streak of long touchdowns to continue this week in your starting lineup vs Philadelphia.
Sit Em: Kenny Golladay vs NYG
I’m not jumping aboard the Golladay hype train just yet. I have a rule for every season because there is a trend in the first weeks of every NFL season. There is always a star that comes out of nowhere and puts up at least 2 scores. I call this the player the “one week wonder”. It started in 2012 with Cowboys WR Kevin Ogletree who burst onto the scene with 2 scores on opening night vs the Giants. He was added in 82% of leagues on NFL.com, but I waited until the next week to see if the surge would continue. It didn’t. Ogletree was worthless in fantasy for the rest of the season and ended up being dropped by almost all the teams that picked him up in the first place. However, not every early-week surprise star goes downhill. I expected the same thing to happen to Falcons RB Devonta Freeman when he put up 3 TDs against the Cowboys in week 3 of the 2015 season, but since that day, Freeman has never slowed down. Golladay has the ability to remain the star that he looked like in Week 1, but just to be safe, do not put Kenny Golladay in your starting lineup for week 2 vs the lockdown corners of the New York Giants.


Start Em: Cameron Brate vs CHI
Cameron Brate is one of my sleepers for the year. He and OJ Howard are going to be two reliable receivers for Jameis Winston and Tampa Bay. However, Howard will need time to develop, while Brate is already one of Winston’s favorite weapons in the red zone. I expect Brate and Winston to consistently drive down the field and connect on multiple occasions against Chicago’s poor defense.

Sit Em: Austin Hooper vs GB
I for one love Austin Hooper! I started him last week and was overwhelmed when he managed 19 fantasy points on only two receptions. Still. He only had two receptions. That was against the Bears. Hooper is a nice up and coming talent in the league, but you should not risk putting him anywhere near your lineup this week vs the Packers. The Packers shut down Jimmy Graham, and Graham has loads of talent compared to Hooper. Maybe Hooper will prove me wrong and continue to do well. I would love for him to kill it against the Pack, but it just isn’t likely.


Start Em: Giorgio Tavecchio vs NYJ
Tavecchio shined vs the Titans, and the Raiders will have an even better chance to put points on the board this week vs the worst team in the league, the New York Jets. Tavecchio will get plenty of opportunities this week to show Oakland that he is their kicker of the future, and maybe we’ll get to see some more fifty yarders in the process…

Sit Em: Adam Vinatieri vs ARI
Vinatieri struggled on Sunday with a missed FG and extra point vs the Rams. I doubt this struggle will continue, but the Colts just aren’t going to be able to move the ball vs this Cardinals defense. Less yardage in turn will equal less opportunities for Vinatieri, so this might be a good week to start looking at the waiver wire for a backup plan.


Start Em: Titans vs JAX
This will be the week that Blake Bortles shows us his true talent: throwing to the opposing team! The interception machine will surely start up vs the Titans, and with the loss of Allen Robinson, the Titans will have an easy time stopping the Jags from getting down the field. Their only problem might be Leonard Fournette, but I don’t see the rookie back carrying the Jaguars anywhere close to a victory this week. Start, Start, Start the Titans!

Sit Em: Eagles vs KC
Kansas City has one of the most explosive offenses in the NFL. Philadelphia will be no match for them this week with weapons like Kareem Hunt and Tyreek Hill running amuck. Don’t bank on Philly pulling off an upset over the team that blew the defending champs out of the water last Thursday.


This is the last tool you need to have if you want to win this week. Good luck!

2017-18 Week 2 NFL Position Rankings

Some things to consider: if the Seahawks O-Line doesn’t improve soon, these rankings will look very different in the coming weeks. Also, the Colts need Andrew Luck back bad, otherwise TY Hilton’s fantasy value will plummet. Finally, don’t sleep on Alvin Kamara. The rookie got more carries than Mark Ingram and AP in Minnesota on Monday night. With that said, here are this week’s rankings:

1. Aaron Rodgers vs ATL
2. Drew Brees vs NE
3. Tom Brady vs NO
4. Derek Carr vs NYJ
5. Matt Ryan vs GB
6. Russell Wilson vs SF
7. Jameis Winston vs CHI
8. Dak Prescott vs DEN
9. Cam Newton vs BUF
10. Carson Palmer vs IND
11. Marcus Mariota vs JAX
12. Joe Flacco vs CLE
13. Ben Roethlisberger vs MIN
14. Alex Smith vs PHI
15. Matthew Stafford vs NYG
16. Kirk Cousins vs LAR
17. Carson Wentz vs KC
18. Eli Manning vs DET
19. Philip Rivers vs MIA
20. Tyrod Taylor vs CAR

1. Le’Veon Bell vs MIN
2. Ezekiel Elliott vs DEN
3. Melvin Gordon vs MIA
4. LeSean McCoy vs CAR
5. Kareem Hunt vs PHI
6. Devonta Freeman vs GB
7. Marshawn Lynch vs NYJ
8. Leonard Fournette vs TEN
9. Todd Gurley vs WSH
10. Jordan Howard vs TB
11. Ty Montgomery vs ATL
12. DeMarco Murray vs JAX
13. Jay Ajayi vs LAC
14. Christian Mccaffrey vs BUF
15. Dalvin Cook vs PIT
16. Terrance West vs CLE
17. CJ Anderson vs DAL
18. Lamar Miller vs CIN
19. Isaiah Crowell vs BAL
20. Mike Gillislee vs NO
21. Carlos Hyde vs SEA
22. Tarik Cohen vs TB
23. Frank Gore vs ARI
24. Alvin Kamara vs NE
25. Mark Ingram vs NE

1. Antonio Brown vs MIN
2. Julio Jones vs GB
3. Jordy Nelson vs ATL
4. Mike Evans vs CHI
5. Michael Thomas vs NE
6. Odell Beckham Jr. vs DET
7. Brandin Cooks vs NO
8. AJ Green vs HOU
9. Dez Bryant vs DEN
10. Larry Fitzgerald vs IND
11. Amari Cooper vs NYJ
12. Tyreek Hill vs PHI
13. Demaryius Thomas vs DAL
14. Doug Baldwin vs SF
15. Jarvis Landry vs LAC
16. Michael Crabtree vs NYJ
17. DeAndre Hopkins vs CIN
18. Golden Tate vs NYG
19. TY Hilton vs ARI
20. Keenan Allen vs MIA
21. Kelvin Benjamin vs BUF
22. Stefon Diggs vs PIT
23. Terrelle Pryor Sr. vs LAR
24. Emmanuel Sanders vs DAL
25. Alshon Jeffery vs KC

1. Travis Kelce vs PHI
2. Rob Gronkowski vs NO
3. Jordan Reed vs LAR
4. Jimmy Graham vs SF
5. Greg Olsen vs BUF
6. Kyle Rudolph vs PIT
7. Delanie Walker vs JAX
8. Zach Ertz vs KC
9. Austin Hooper vs GB
10. Tyler Eifert vs HOU
11. Hunter Henry vs MIA
12. Jared Cook vs NYJ
13. Coby Fleener vs NE
14. Martellus Bennett vs ATL
15. Charles Clay vs CAR
16. Cameron Brate vs CHI
17. Jason Witten vs DEN
18. Eric Ebron vs NYG
19. Jesse James vs MIN
20. Evan Engram vs DET

1. Justin Tucker vs CLE
2. Stephen Gostkowski vs NO
3. Giorgio Tavecchio vs NYJ
4. Dan Bailey vs DEN
5. Cairo Santos vs PHI
6. Mason Crosby vs ATL
7. Blair Walsh vs SF
8. Will Lutz vs NE
9. Phil Dawson vs IND
10. Matt Prater vs NYG
11. Dustin Hopkins vs LAR
12. Graham Gano vs BUF
13. Adam Vinatieri vs ARI
14. Brandon McManus vs DAL
15. Younghoe Koo vs MIA
16. Chris Boswell vs MIN

1. Cardinals vs IND
2. Seahawks vs SF
3. Ravens vs CLE
4. Bengals vs HOU
5. Jaguars vs TEN
6. Raiders vs NYJ
7. Chiefs vs PHI
8. Titans vs JAX
9. Rams vs WSH
10. Giants vs DET
11. Buccaneers vs CHI
12. Texans vs CIN
13. Panthers vs BUF
14. Chargers vs MIA
15. Steelers vs MIN
16. Cowboys vs DEN

Use this advice. Good luck to your teams this week.

2017-18 NFL Week 1 Winners and Losers

Welcome to the first post of what I hope will be a helpful and fun website where I can share my knowledge of Fantasy Football and help you all win your leagues! Week 1 of the 2017-18 NFL Season was an exciting one filled with upsets and blowouts. I’m Justin Tuell, your young Fantasy Football expert. Let’s take a look at some of this week’s winners and losers:



Alex Smith

Smith has been under fire all throughout the preseason with the emergence of Patrick Mahomes II and his seemingly inevitable takeover looming overhead. However, with all this pressure, Smith still managed to come into Foxboro and knock off the defending champs while passing for over 300 yards, 4 TDs and posting a near perfect passer rating. With a few more performances like this one, Smith will almost surely put the quarterback controversy in Kansas City to rest.

Derek Carr

It was the battle of the broken-legged quarterbacks early on Sunday. Both Marcus Mariota and Derek Carr played well coming off their injuries, but the latter shined, leading the Raiders to a 26-16 road win over the Titans. While Carr did not post any flashy stats, he looks almost back to normal leading this high-powered offense, and looks to be making an early case for MVP should he stay healthy.

2016 QB Class

The day the Rams had been waiting for finally came on Sunday, as their top pick from last year’s draft pulled out his first win in an absolute blowout over the Indianapolis Colts. Jared Goff shined in this one, going for over 300 yards for the first time in his career, and although some of his passes looked off target from time to time, Rams fans everywhere sure hope that the best is yet to come. Another one of the top performances of the day came from up and coming QB Carson Wentz as he led his Eagles to a strong victory over the Redskins. His Favre-esque pass to Nelson Agholor early on showed signs of play that could help Wentz develop into a reliable franchise quarterback if his skills are used correctly. Finally, the Sunday Night game gave us another strong performance from Dak Prescott, as the second year quarterback stayed poised and led the Cowboys to an important 19-3 win over their NFC East rival, the New York Giants. Prescott started off slow, overthrowing Dez Bryant on two straight plays in the red zone, but he overcame this start, throwing for close to 300 yards and helping Jason Witten set the Dallas Cowboys record for career receiving yards.


Kareem Hunt

If you were one of the smart fantasy owners like me who started Kareem Hunt this week, then you were treated to one of the best fantasy performances in recent memory. From a player’s mindset, coming back from that fumble on his first career snap shows the resiliency of this rookie, as Hunt finished with 248 all-purpose yards, setting the NFL record for a debut and establishing himself as one of this game’s most promising backs.

Mike Gillislee

While he didn’t post overwhelming stats in regards to yards, having Bill Belichick trust you as the Patriots goal-line back is a huge compliment. While it is only a single game and the Patriots game plan is likely to change, Gillislee showed that he can be a reliable back both in fantasy and under the bright lights of Gillette Stadium.

Tarik Cohen

Jordan Howard better watch out. Cohen came out of nowhere a turned into one of Mike Glennon’s favorite targets in the passing game, while also gaining 66 rushing yards on just five attempts. If Howard’s struggles continue and Cohen continues to get this kind of action, we may have some Running Back controversy in Chicago.

Ty Montgomery

Hats off to Montgomery who fought through the Seahawks’ dominant defensive line and actually managed to have a productive outing. His touchdown ultimately lifted the Pack over Seattle, and even after his injury, Montgomery showed many fans that he has transitioned into a tough running back.

Leonard Fournette

Rookie Running Backs galore! Fournette lived up to his word and made the game look easy, running through Houston’s defenders on his way to his first 100 yard game while getting a score in the process. As long as the Jaguars passing game improves, Fournette will likely be a good compliment to a team looking to make a run for the AFC South title.


Kenny Golladay

If you predicted that Kenny Golladay would come down with two touchdowns vs the Cardinals, then you were likely a Detroit fan who had been paying attention during the preseason. Golladay continued his strong play while hauling in two scores from the NFL’s highest paid player, causing the NFL to ask if the Lions need to be taken seriously. The answer to that question is simple by the way: Not Yet.

Pierre Garçon

This one may surprise a few people, but the 31 year old did manage to haul in six receptions for 81 yards while easily showing teams around the league that he is truly the only reliable 49ers receiver. Now this may not sound like an endorsement, but since Brian Hoyer seemed almost desperate to get the ball to his new weapon, Garcon deserves a pick up in some PPR leagues.

Tyreek Hill

Hill is what would happen if a football player had Usain Bolt’s speed and Desean Jackson’s long play ability. Tyreek Hill has quickly become the most exciting player in KC, and if he keeps it up, we could be seeing another Pro Bowl appearance, maybe this time for his offense.

Nelson Agholor

I have personally been waiting for a Nelson Agholor breakout game for some time now, and I am proud to say that that game finally came. Although this might not last, Agholor should be proud of his play on Sunday, but if defenses continue to cheat onto Jeffery and Smith, Agholor should be considered as a sleeper FLEX in some leagues.

Antonio Brown

I’ll be surprised if Brown doesn’t make this listevery week this season. The member of the 3 Bs continues to be Ben Roethlisberger’s favorite target and shows no signs of giving up that title. Antonio Brown is perhaps the game’s best Wide Receiver, and he seems to have the ability to possibly go over 2,000 yards in a season. That might be a stretch, but the Browns still had no match for their namesake.


Zach Ertz

Wentz and the Eagles sure love their Tight Ends, and this showed in Ertz’s solid performance on Sunday morning. I don’t predict an amazing or flashy season, but look for Ertz to be a continual threat in the Red Zone.

Austin Hooper

Aside from those two receptions, Hooper had a quiet day. However, one of those receptions was a 88-yd TD from the reigning league MVP, so I’d say that’s notable.

Jesse James

James hauled in 2 scores on the way to a close win over the Cleveland Browns. He played a big role in the win as he was on the receiving end of both of Ben Roethlisberger’s touchdowns. Perhaps this success will lead to a bigger role for James in the future, and we will see that when the Steelers take on the Vikings this coming Sunday.

Jason Witten

A round of applause for one of the league’s best all around players. He is a future Hall of Famer, a true family man, and he continues to make a difference in the community. Oh, and he also scorched the Giants’ defense at the ripe old age of 35. Congrats on the win and the Cowboys receiving record, Mr. Witten!


Giorgio Tavecchio

It may be the end of an era in Oakland. It doesn’t look good for Sebastian Janikowski, as Giorgio Tavecchio showed up vs the Titans, nailing two 50 yarders on the way to four total. Don’t be surprised if a Janikowski cut comes up in the news sometime soon.

Dan Bailey

Bailey continues to be one of the NFL’s most accurate kickers. He consistently saves the Cowboys when they fail to find the end zone, and that ability is priceless. Enough Said.

Matt Prater

A 58 yarder in Detroit? Why not?


Jacksonville Jaguars

“Sacksonville!”, as one analyst proclaimed. Pretty fair analysis. Another fair analysis is that the Jaguars defense single-handedly won that game in Houston. They better hope their offensive counterparts stay on the field long enough to give them some rest so that they can continue this utter dominance.

Los Angeles Rams

The Rams defense scored more points than the Colts. Not a good sign for Pagano’s squad. They’re gonna need some Luck in the future.

Dallas Cowboys

This was not a statistically amazing performance by the Cowboys defense, but after losing almost their entire secondary in free-agency, the boys still managed to hold Eli and the Giants to 3 points while also stopping an important drive deep in Dallas territory. Jaylon Smith looks like he belongs in the NFL. Good for him for coming back so strong from that significant knee injury. #cleareyeview



Kirk Cousins

It’s performances like these that really make you question if Kirk Cousins really is the answer in Washington. I still think he is, but if he wants to convince the Redskins front office, his play needs to improve going forward.

Tom Savage

What was the over-under for how long it would take for Savage to lose his starting job? 1 game? 2? Welcome to Houston, Deshaun Watson.

Andy Dalton

4 INTS and a fumble. At least the Bengals’ offense scored once, right? Oh wait.

Russell Wilson

That game was not all Wilson’s fault. He played as well as his offensive line would allow him to, but clearly if the Seahawks don’t fix their protection problem, this Russell Wilson MVP talk will quickly go out the window.


David Johnson

Not looking good for the Cardinals currently. Johnson is a great young back who’s about to miss “about 12 weeks”, according to the organization. David Johnson is a pleasure to watch out on the field, and I hope he gets well soon, but if you picked him first overall in your fantasy draft as so many did, you better hope you invested in a strong backup.

Le’Veon Bell

Holdouts are plaguing the league’s top players. Bell missed training camp, and it showed vs the Browns. The 31st ranked run defense managed to hold Bell to under fifty yards. He looked out of shape, and that is about the worst thing you can be when you have expectations as high for this season as Bell’s.

Jordan Howard

As I said before, if this rise of Tarik Cohen truly materializes, Howard’s job could be in trouble. Not to say that the back who was second only to Ezekiel Elliott in rushing yards last year should worry about his future, but he had a pass from Mike Glennon in his hands to win the game in the 4th vs Atlanta, and he dropped it. How do you think fans in Chicago are going to feel about that over the next week?


Brandon Marshall

One reception for ten yards in garbage time. With OBJ down, Marshall was expected to step up and he just didn’t. Give credit to the corners of the Dallas Cowboys though, who put pressure on Marshall throughout the night. One play in particular stands out to me however, when Marshall was shut down in about 2 seconds deep in the red zone on a crucial play when CB Nolan Carroll got onto Marshall and denied him any chance of a catch or target. Marshall is 6’4. Carroll is about 6’0 ½.

Allen Robinson

Sad one here. Robinson can not seem to catch a break, as he went down in Sunday’s game with a torn ACL. Out for the year. Done deal. All this after an underwhelming season last year that completely hurt Robinson’s fantasy value for this season. Best of luck to the guy in his recovery. He deserves to have a better quarterback throwing to him than Blake Bortles.

Dez Bryant

Not the worst offender here, as Bryant did seem to get open quite a few times downfield with Dak Prescott just missing him, but Bryant is considered by many, including myself, to be an elite receiver who can deliver in big moments. Luckily vs the Giants he didn’t have to, but the Giants secondary shut him down and held him to only two receptions for 43 yards. He still needs to find a way to beat the lock-down corners in the NFC East.


Jimmy Graham

Due mainly to Seattle’s offensive line, Graham and the Seahawks offense did not perform to the best of their ability. He was held to just 8 yards on three receptions. With many expecting Graham to have a big year in Seattle, this performance was underwhelming and frankly disappointing.


Caleb Sturgis

Could things have gone any worse for Sturgis? I suppose if the Eagles had lost, that would be worse for the kid. Still, he missed the first extra point of the NFL season, and he is expected to miss 4 weeks with a hip injury.

Adam Vinatieri

Hopefully this is not the beginning of the end for the future Hall of Famer, but Vinatieri missed a 38 yarder and an extra point. To be fair, it should be a good sign in your career when people are this surprised about two missed kicks.


Indianapolis Colts

The Colts gave up 46 points to one of the worst teams in the league last year. Granted, two touchdowns for the Rams came when they were on defense, but their secondary needs to work harder at stopping the long ball in the middle of the field. Getting torched by Jared Goff is unacceptable.

Houston Texans

Two words: Blake. Bortles. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you have Blake Bortles throwing against you, the game needs to be closer than 22 points. Especially if you have one of the top D-Lines in football.

Jacksonville Jaguars

Yes they were my winners too, but this has nothing to do with this week. Do not underestimate how much the loss of Allen Robinson affects this team. With Robinson out, this defense is going to be out on the field a lot more. Don’t expect 10 sack games with a struggling offense on your team.