2017-18 NFL Week 8 Game Picks

This is going to be a huge week for NFC Divisions, so don’t be surprised if a few games go into OT. I did pretty well with my picks last week, so here they are for Week 8.

Last Week: 11-4

Overall Record: 35-24


Dolphins 23 – Ravens 24


Vikings 28 – Browns 10

Chargers 24 – Patriots 30

Bears 17 – Saints 34

Panthers 21 – Buccaneers 20

Colts 13 – Bengals 17

Raiders 38 – Bills 27

49ers 13 – Eagles 48

Falcons 20 – Jets 24

Texans 23 – Seahawks 14

Cowboys 31 – Redskins 27

Steelers 34 – Lions 31


Broncos 17 – Chiefs 27

Those are my game picks considering who the home team is, crowd strength, play so far this year, injuries, etc. Happy Watching!

2017-18 NFL Week 8 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 8 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. Upset of the Week: Houston over Seattle. 2. Mark Ingram is going to be the man this week. If you need a boost at running back, look no further than the man in NOLA. 3. Bold Prediction: Carson Wentz throws for 500 yards vs the 49ers. Or he gets pulled before the 4th quarter. Either way. With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 8 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Carson Wentz vs SF

Next week I will be putting out my Midseason-Awards article, and don’t be surprised if Carson Wentz is on there. I told you last week to start Dak Prescott vs the Niners, and he killed it. Wentz faces San Francisco this week, and he was the only quarterback last week to score more fantasy points than Dak Prescott. The Eagles look like the best team in football, and the Niners do not. San Fran just doesn’t have the defense to stop Wentz. Start him big time.

Sit Em: Russell Wilson vs HOU

I’m going to pick this as my “upset” of the week. This is not the same Seahawks team that we’re accustomed to seeing. They nearly blew it against the Giants, in large part due to the play of Russell Wilson. Wilson has been under-performing astonishingly this season, and the Houston defense looks like it might finally start getting on a roll. I like the Texans in this one, and I definitely don’t like Russell Wilson in your starting lineup.


Start Em: Mark Ingram vs CHI

This one is a real stretch. If I predict this correctly, and Mark Ingram goes for over a hundred yards and a touchdown vs the Bears, then I will be very happy with myself. It’s something about this matchup for Ingram that, without Adrian Peterson, makes me think that the Alabama alumnus could be one of the top performers at running back this week. This is going to be a high scoring game for at least one of the offenses, and if it’s going to be anyone, it will be the Saints and Mark Ingram. Don’t let him be on your bench come game time on Sunday.

Sit Em: CJ Anderson vs KC

Talk about a season that’s gone downhill fast. CJ Anderson has gone from being one of the best players in fantasy, to being downright Mr. Irrelevant. There’s not much analysis that comes with this one other than the fact that Anderson has not played nearly as well as he did earlier in the season, and against a team like the Chiefs who are looking for a major comeback after two straight losses, he just isn’t going to have a good game. Sit em.


Start Em: Dez Bryant vs WSH

Oh boy am I excited for this game! Dez Bryant may not be matched up against Josh Norman like Samsung is hoping, but Bryant has a tendency to feed on defenses in division rivalry games like this one. Dez has yet to have a breakout game this season, but he has still been consistent in the touchdown category. One of those things is going to change this Sunday, and I find it pretty likely that we get to see Bryant’s first 100-yard game of the season.

Sit Em: Amari Cooper vs BUF

If Cooper comes out against the Bills this week and has a performance like he did vs the Chiefs last Thursday night, then I will officially think that he is back to normal form. However, Cooper’s game against Kansas City looks like it was just a small blip on a map of poor games from Cooper this season. Don’t believe the hype yet. Keep Cooper out of your lineup.


Start Em: Hunter Henry vs NE

New England’s defense is not good. Are the Chargers good? Who knows?  The Bolts probably cannot beat the Patriots, but they sure can score a few touchdowns against them. I expect at least one of those to be from Hunter Henry. What more can you ask for from a tight end?

Sit Em: OJ Howard vs CAR

This is a hard one. I like OJ Howard. I really do, but who is going to get targeted more: Cameron Brate or Howard? It’s anyone’s guess this point in the season, but I’ll take Brate in this one. Sorry, Juice. Oh wait. Wrong guy?


Start Em: Jake Elliott vs SF

Must get points. Points equal kicks, kicks equal more points, more points equal wins. That’s the most simplified version of this prediction that I can give to you. The Niners don’t stand a chance. They’re gonna get torched by an Elliott for the second straight week.

Sit Em: Blair Walsh vs HOU

Like I said for Russell Wilson, I don’t like Seattle in this one. I say the Seahawks score 17 points at most, and that’s only five points for Blair Walsh in standard fantasy leagues. Not good. Sit him.


Start Em: Vikings vs CLE

Maybe I’m just being unfair to the Browns. Or maybe I’m not. I’m definitely not. The Browns are used to losing. They just find a way to do it by any means necessary. The Vikings defense is used to winning. Come one y’all. This is a no-brainer.

Sit Em: Broncos vs KC

This is a comeback game for the Chiefs. Points will be scored. A lot of them. Don’t let the last two weeks fool you. The Chiefs are great team, and apparently, the Broncos are not. Don’t make the mistake starting the over-hyped Broncos defense this Sunday against the (future Super Bowl Champion?) Chiefs.

That does it for my Week 8 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

2017-18 NFL Week 8 Position Rankings

A few things to consider: 1. There are a lot of teams on BYE this week, so make sure to double check your lineup. 2. The Eagles are going to kill the 49ers, so start as many of them as you can (my sleeper is Nelson Agholor). 3. Saints vs Bears is going to be a high scoring game for both defenses, so maybe think about risking either as your starting D this week. With all that said, here are my position rankings for Week 8 of the 2017-18 NFL Season:

Week 8 Teams on Bye: Arizona, Green Bay, Jacksonville, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants, Tennessee


  1. Carson Wentz vs SF
  2. Dak Prescott vs WSH
  3. Drew Brees vs CHI
  4. Tom Brady vs LAC
  5. DeShaun Watson vs SEA
  6. Matt Ryan vs NYJ
  7. Derek Carr vs BUF
  8. Kirk Cousins vs DAL
  9. Alex Smith vs DEN
  10. Matthew Stafford vs PIT
  11. Jameis Winston vs CAR
  12. Cam Newton vs TB
  13. Russell Wilson vs HOU
  14. Ben Roethlisberger vs DET
  15. Philip Rivers vs NE


  1. Le’Veon Bell vs DET
  2. Ezekiel Elliott vs WSH
  3. Kareem Hunt vs DEN
  4. Devonta Freeman vs NYJ
  5. LeSean McCoy vs OAK
  6. Melvin Gordon vs NE
  7. Jay Ajayi vs BAL
  8. Jordan Howard vs NO
  9. Mark Ingram vs CHI
  10. Carlos Hyde vs PHI
  11. Lamar Miller vs SEA
  12. CJ Anderson vs KC
  13. Chris Thompson vs DAL
  14. Christian McCaffrey vs TB
  15. James White vs LAC
  16. LeGarrette Blount vs SF
  17. Frank Gore vs CIN
  18. Isaiah Crowell vs MIN
  19. Ameer Abdullah vs PIT
  20. Joe Mixon vs IND


  1. Antonio Brown vs DET
  2. Mike Evans vs CAR
  3. AJ Green vs IND
  4. Julio Jones vs NYJ
  5. Dez Bryant vs WSH
  6. DeAndre Hopkins vs SEA
  7. Doug Baldwin vs HOU
  8. Jarvis Landry vs BAL
  9. Brandin Cooks vs LAC
  10. Michael Thomas vs CHI
  11. Amari Cooper vs BUF
  12. TY Hilton vs CIN
  13. Tyreek Hill vs DEN
  14. Stefon Diggs vs CLE
  15. Pierre Garcon vs PHI
  16. Demaryius Thomas vs KC
  17. Keenan Allen vs NE
  18. Michael Crabtree vs BUF
  19. Golden Tate vs PIT
  20. Kelvin Benjamin vs TB


  1. Rob Gronkowski vs LAC
  2. Zach Ertz vs SF
  3. Travis Kelce vs DEN
  4. Cameron Brate vs CAR
  5. Hunter Henry vs NE
  6. Kyle Rudolph vs CLE
  7. Jimmy Graham vs HOU
  8. Jordan Reed vs DAL
  9. Jason Witten vs WSH
  10. Jared Cook vs BUF
  11. Austin Hooper vs NYJ
  12. Charles Clay vs OAK
  13. OJ Howard vs CAR
  14. Tyler Kroft vs IND
  15. Coby Fleener vs CHI


  1. Harrison Butker vs DEN
  2. Justin Tucker vs MIA
  3. Stephen Gostkowski vs LAC
  4. Jake Elliott vs SF
  5. Matt Prater vs PIT
  6. Kai Forbath vs CLE
  7. Giorgio Tavecchio vs BUF
  8. Mike Nugent vs WSH
  9. Will Lutz vs CHI
  10. Chris Boswell vs DET
  11. Steven Hauschka vs OAK
  12. Adam Vinatieri vs CIN
  13. Brandon McManus vs KC
  14. Graham Gano vs TB
  15. Blair Walsh vs HOU


  1. Vikings vs CLE
  2. Chiefs vs DEN
  3. Dolphins vs BAL
  4. Seahawks vs HOU
  5. Ravens vs MIA
  6. Buccaneers vs CAR
  7. Detroit vs PIT
  8. Steelers vs DET
  9. Broncos vs KC
  10. Bears vs NO
  11. Saints vs CHI
  12. Patriots vs LAC
  13. Texans vs SEA
  14. Raiders vs BUF
  15. Cowboys vs WSH

Check back tomorrow for my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em” and Game Picks!

2017-18 NFL Week 7 Winners and Losers

Here’s a quick summary for this weekend: My “Start Em”s killed it, my “Sit Em”s did not. Who could have seen that coming? Anyway, here are my Winners and Losers from Week 7 of the 2017-18 NFL season.



Derek Carr

What a turnaround for Derek Carr! I was nervous about how he would perform in this game, but the former Fresno State QB saved his team from near irrelevance Thursday vs the Chiefs. This game could have made Carr’s season forgettable, but by posting 417 yards and 3 TDs along with the upset over KC, the QB got it done this week and earned my pick for this week’s winner at quarterback.


Ezekiel Elliott

Zeke’s previous career best game came last year against the Steelers when he put up 209 all-purpose yards and three touchdowns. Sunday against the 49ers, Zeke had a nearly identical performance with 219 yards and three more scores. His output was so close to that of his one against the Steelers that he even hauled in another screen pass that he took for more than 70 yards and a touchdown from Dak Prescott. Ezekiel Elliott showed that he will not be phased by his uncertain status from week to week. Huge performance for the kid. He is a true winner.


Amari Cooper

Talk about a guy who needed to play well this week. As I had said, Cooper has been the bust of the year so far in fantasy, but that all changed this week when he put up over 200 receiving yards and two touchdowns against the Chiefs. Do I think this output will continue? No. Are you automatically a winner in this column if you have the type of game that Cooper did against a team like Kansas City? Absolutely.


OJ Howard

It’s official. The Buccaneers have the best tight end corps in the league. Find me anyone who disagrees, and I will explain to them that even when Cameron Brate can’t manage to score touchdown, the Bucs can rely on performances such as the one on Sunday from OJ Howard. Howard was the top Tight End in fantasy this week after managing 98 yards and 2 TDs. He and Brate are such great compliments to Jameis Winston. By far the best performance by a rookie TE so far this year.


Kai Forbath

Even I can’t believe that my “Start Em” at kicker this week managed to put up the most points of any kicker in fantasy, but what do you know? Honestly, I’ll just take what I can get. The Vikings beat the Ravens in large part due to Forbath. Winner.


Chicago Bears

What a boring game this was. The only person this game wasn’t hard to watch for was Eddie Jackson who became the first player in NFL history to record two defensive touchdowns of 75 yards or more. That basically sums up this game and the utter dominance by the Chicago Bears defense against the Carolina Panthers. They’re double winners this week.



Carson Palmer and his owners

I hope this injury doesn’t end Palmer’s career, but I’m afraid breaking his arm could be a fatal blow. Not only did the Cardinals get destroyed by the Rams, but they may have lost their quarterback until about Week 15. If you barely squeezed by with Palmer as your starter, it’s time to hit up the waiver wire.


Jordan Howard

In the midst of a boring game, the Bears had no offense. Since Jordan Howard was a starter in almost every fantasy league this week, his 65 yards were a major disappointment. Not sure there’s much else to say other than that. Howard’s performance was enough to take over Marshawn Lynch’s spot as my top loser of week 7.


AJ Green

Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati was actually a decent game, but where was AJ Green? Just three receptions? 41 yards? He almost had as bad a game as TY Hilton. Don’t even get me started on him. This one isn’t necessarily Green’s fault, but it really doesn’t matter whose fault it is when it comes to putting up fantasy points. *cough cough* Loser.


Rob Gronkowski

This one is going to surprise a lot of people who didn’t realize that Gronkowski was even eligible to be on the losing side of this list, but think about it. As the Patriots were putting a beating on the Falcons, how many highlights did Gronkowski have? He didn’t have any touchdowns, and he only had three receptions for 51 yards. This performance was not normal for Gronk, but a losing performance is a losing performance. Gronk, if you’re reading this, sorry bro.


Dan Bailey

Jeff Heath had the same amount of point this week as Dan Bailey. 2 XP, no FGA. That’s it. Oh! And a pulled groin! Welcome to America’s Team, Mike Nugent. Let’s hope Dan Bailey heals up quickly, otherwise he might just lose his job… JK.


Kansas City Chiefs

The Chiefs scored negative points this week, and that is one thing you definitely don’t want to do in fantasy. At least they didn’t do as bad as the 49ers points-wise, but that shouldn’t really be what they’re aiming for overall. The 3 holding penalties at the end of the TNF game were questionable for sure. Should they have been called? You be the judge.

Check back tomorrow and Thursday for this week’s position rankings, my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em”, and this week’s game picks.

2017-18 NFL Week 7 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 7 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. Loving the Cowboys’ matchups this week. Start as many of them as you can! 2. I’ve got a bad feeling about the Bucs this week. Not sure why. Just take my word for it. 3. Bold Prediction: Falcons blow a big lead vs the Pats on Sunday night. It’s going to be Super Bowl 51 all over again! With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 6 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Dak Prescott vs SF

Even with the heartbreaking losses suffered by the Cowboys as of late, Prescott has been the sole success on a team of underwhelming fantasy performers. San Francisco’s defense has allowed plenty of huge games for QBs lately, and coming off a BYE, Prescott will absolutely be ready to lead Dallas to a great offensive performance this weekend. The kid is t  no wi Winston be wrong.my top ranked QB for the week, so I expect over 20 points from Prescott this Sunday when the Cowboys take on the Niners at 4:05 ET this Sunday.

Sit Em: Jameis Winston vs BUF

The fact that Winston had his helmet on after his injury last week and still didn’t play means that something has got to be wrong. Winston will not be at 100% this week vs Buffalo, and the Bills already have one of the toughest secondaries to face this season. Winston has been inconsistent the last three weeks, and I expect his streak to continue this week vs Buffalo.


Start Em: Leonard Fournette vs IND

Note: Fournette is not expected to play as of 10/21, so if he doesn’t go, watch Adrian Peterson for a second straight impressive outing vs the Rams.

If it weren’t for Kareem Hunt or DeShaun Watson, Fournette would be my pick for ROY. His prospects are definitely looking good this week vs the Colts, who have been absolute trash against the run this season. He will have at least one score and close to 100 yards if the Colts play well. If not, it’s going to be a long game for Indy.

Sit Em: Marshawn Lynch vs KC

Beast Mode has been anything but that so far this season. He only has 257 yards this season to go along with two scores. That’s just 42.8 YPG, and Kansas City is the best opponent the Raiders have faced this year. Jalen Richard might have to be called upon to step up if Lynch doesn’t show signs of the Hall of Famer in him sometime soon. No matter what though, the Chiefs are going to shut down Marshawn Lynch tonight. Sit him.


Start Em: Larry Fitzgerald vs LAR

I have had the distinct privilege (sarcasm) to be scorched by Fitzgerald TWICE already this season (not sarcasm). The Cardinals actually look like an exciting team right now, and a lot of that credit needs to go to Larry Fitzgerald. This has been a renaissance season for the old timer who really shows no sign of slowing down. He will always be Carson Palmer’s favorite target, and against the division rival Rams this week, Fitz is going to put on a show.

Sit Em: TY Hilton vs JAX

TY Hilton can have 27 points one week, and 2 points in another. 177 yards one week, and just 19 the next. Hilton is not a reliable guy to waste on putting in your lineup this week since he is so inconsistent, but let’s not forget who the Colts are facing on Sunday. The Jags have one of the top defenses in the league this year if not THE top, and the Colts are a very vulnerable team offensively this year. This may be a hard action to take, but you have to sit Hilton this week.


Start Em: Zach Ertz vs WSH

Ertz may be the best tight end in the league besides Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski. He runs routes like a WR, and he reminds me of a younger Jimmy Graham. Monday night is going to be a treat, as we will get to see the Redskins face off against the Eagles, and throughout the game, Wentz will target Ertz as much as possible. I like the Eagles in this one, and I definitely like Ertz in your starting lineup.

Sit Em: Jimmy Graham vs NYG

I’ve been waiting on Graham to break out his season for the Hawks, but the time has never come. The Giants suck, there is no doubt about it, but apparently so does Graham. So much for 12 TDs this season. I definitely don’t think he’ll be getting any this week sitting on your bench either.


Start Em: Kai Forbath vs BAL

Minnesota is going to make a run for the NFC North title starting this week vs the Ravens. The Ravens are on a downfall, and they have allowed an insane amount of points to bad teams this year. The Vikes are not a bad team, and you will see that with how many points Forbath scores this week. Minnesota is going to score a lot of points this week. Make sure you’re starting Kai Forbath when they do.

Sit Em: Mason Crosby vs NO

Missing Rodgers is going to kill the Pack. New Orleans has been the surprise of the NFC South so far this year, and did you see what they did last week vs a loaded Lions squad? The defense scored like crazy! With the Saints scoring more than their opposing offenses lately, Mason Crosby won’t have very many opportunities to even be on the field. Sit em.


Start Em: Titans vs CLE

Come on down to Cleveland town, everyone! Watch the Browns get killed by Tennessee! (Look up “Hastily Made Cleveland Tourism Video” on YouTube to get the joke)…

Sit Em: Buccaneers vs BUF

I don’t know what it is about this one, but I hate this matchup for the Bucs. The Bills are on a roll offensively, and the Bucs just look, well, eh. I think that’s the best word for it. I like the Bills to win this one, and to make the Buccaneers defense pay. Keep them out of your lineup at all costs.

That does it for my Week 7 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!

2017-18 NFL Week 7 Game Picks

Last week suuuccckkkeeddd! Don’t get me wrong, the games were awesome, but almost every game was an upset. Let’s see if I get my picks right this week.


Overall Record: 24-20


Chiefs 33 – Raiders 24


Ravens 20 – Vikings 27

Saints 34 – Packers 20

Jets 24 – Dolphins 16

Panthers 31 – Bears 17

Cardinals 27 – Rams 28

Buccaneers 23 – Bills 27

Jaguars 29 – Colts 16

Titans 24 – Browns 13

Cowboys 31 – 49ers 14

Bengals 15 – Steelers 28

Seahawks 20 – Giants 14

Broncos 23 – Chargers 21

Falcons 27 – Patriots 30


Redskins 20 – Eagles 34

Those are my game picks considering who the home team is, crowd strength, play so far this year, injuries, etc. Happy Watching!

2017-18 NFL Week 7 Position Rankings

A few things to consider: 1. Super Bowl rematch early in the season with possible playoff implications for both teams? Yes please! 2. Cameron Brate now has 12 receiving touchdowns in the last two years combined. That’s the most by a TE over that span. Still wondering if he’s the real deal? 3. You’ll notice Dak Prescott is my top ranked QB for the week vs the 49ers. Big things to come from the kid in Santa Clara. With all that said, here are my position rankings for Week 6 of the 2017-18 NFL Season:

Week 6 Teams on Bye: Detroit, Houston


  1. Dak Prescott vs SF
  2. Drew Brees vs GB
  3. Tom Brady vs ATL
  4. Carson Wentz vs WSH
  5. Matt Ryan vs NE
  6. Cam Newton vs CHI
  7. Alex Smith vs OAK
  8. Jameis Winston vs BUF
  9. Derek Carr vs KC
  10. Carson Palmer vs LAR
  11. Kirk Cousins vs PHI
  12. Marcus Mariota vs CLE
  13. Russell Wilson vs NYG
  14. Ben Roethlisberger vs CIN
  15. Jared Goff vs ARI
  16. Trevor Siemian vs LAC
  17. Philip Rivers vs DEN
  18. Joe Flacco vs MIN
  19. Eli Manning vs SEA
  20. Andy Dalton vs PIT


  1. Le’Veon Bell vs CIN
  2. Kareem Hunt vs OAK
  3. Ezekiel Elliott vs SF
  4. Leonard Fournette vs IND
  5. Melvin Gordon vs DEN
  6. Todd Gurley vs ARI
  7. Devonta Freeman vs NE
  8. Jordan Howard vs CAR
  9. DeMarco Murray vs CLE
  10. LeSean McCoy vs TB
  11. Jay Ajayi vs NYJ
  12. Carlos Hyde vs DAL
  13. Adrian Peterson vs LAR
  14. Ty Montgomery vs NO
  15. Mark Ingram vs GB
  16. Christian McCaffrey vs CHI
  17. Jerick McKinnon vs BAL
  18. Chris Thompson vs PHI
  19. Marshawn Lynch vs KC
  20. CJ Anderson vs LAC
  21. Javorius Allen vs MIN
  22. James White vs ATL
  23. Wendell Smallwood vs WSH
  24. Frank Gore vs JAX
  25. Isaiah Crowell vs TEN


  1. Antonio Brown vs CIN
  2. Mike Evans vs BUF
  3. Julio Jones vs NE
  4. Larry Fitzgerald vs LAR
  5. Michael Thomas vs GB
  6. AJ Green vs PIT
  7. Jordy Nelson vs NO
  8. Brandin Cooks vs ATL
  9. Dez Bryant vs SF
  10. TY Hilton vs JAX
  11. Doug Baldwin vs NYG
  12. Jarvis Landry vs NYJ
  13. Stefon Diggs vs BAL
  14. Tyreek Hill vs OAK
  15. Keenan Allen vs DEN
  16. Michael Crabtree vs KC
  17. Demaryius Thomas vs LAC
  18. Pierre Garcon vs DAL
  19. Amari Cooper vs KC
  20. Kelvin Benjamin vs CHI


  1. Rob Gronkowski vs ATL
  2. Travis Kelce vs OAK
  3. Zach Ertz vs WSH
  4. Cameron Brate vs BUF
  5. Hunter Henry vs DEN
  6. Charles Clay vs TB
  7. Evan Engram vs SEA
  8. Jimmy Graham vs NYG
  9. Jordan Reed vs PHI
  10. Delanie Walker vs CLE
  11. Kyle Rudolph vs BAL
  12. Jason Witten vs SF
  13. Jared Cook vs KC
  14. Austin Hooper vs NE
  15. Coby Fleener vs GB


  1. Justin Tucker vs MIN
  2. Stephen Gostkowski vs ATL
  3. Dan Bailey vs SF
  4. Harrison Butker vs OAK
  5. Matt Bryant vs NE
  6. Greg Zuerlein vs ARI
  7. Jake Elliott vs WSH
  8. Kai Forbath vs BAL
  9. Steven Hauschka vs TB
  10. Adam Vinatieri vs JAX
  11. Will Lutz vs GB
  12. Mason Crosby vs NO
  13. Giorgio Tavecchio vs KC
  14. Brandon McManus vs LAC
  15. Graham Gano vs CHI


  1. Jaguars vs IND
  2. Chiefs vs OAK
  3. Titans vs CLE
  4. Seahawks vs NYG
  5. Steelers vs CIN
  6. Ravens vs MIN
  7. Panthers vs CHI
  8. Saints vs GB
  9. Rams vs ARI
  10. Dolphins vs NYJ
  11. Buccaneers vs BUF
  12. Raiders vs KC
  13. Vikings vs BAL
  14. Broncos vs LAC
  15. Jets vs MIA

Check back tomorrow for my weekly “Start Em, Sit Em” and Game Picks!

2017-18 NFL Week 6 Winners and Losers

Hi everyone. This week was full of countless upsets and outstanding fantasy performances from normally quiet players, so there are plenty of things to write about this week. However, due to some unfortunate circumstances and unwanted work in my schedule, I will not be posting full analysis for this week’s “Winners and Losers”. I was planning on writing this week’s column after Tuesday night’s NBA game between the Celtics and Cavaliers, but after experiencing Gordon Hayward’s heartbreaking leg injury live on air, I was in shock and couldn’t bring myself to write about how Kirk Cousins shredded the 49ers. That was one of the most unfortunate injuries I have ever seen in sports, and no one should ever have to go through that. My thoughts go out to Gordon and his family. I hope he gets well soon. Don’t worry though guys! Check back tomorrow for my weekly rankings, and again on Thursday for my “Start Em, Sit Em” report and game picks. Also, since I don’t plan on leaving you all empty handed, here are my Winners and Losers for Week 6 of the 2017-18 NFL season, minus the analysis.



Kirk Cosuins

Carson Wentz


Melvin Gordon

Adrian Perterson


Antonio Brown

Larry Fitzgerald


Cameron Brate

Evan Engram


Ryan Succop

Kai Forbath


New Orleans Saints

Houston Texans



Aaron Rodgers

Jameis Winston


Ty Montgomery

Marshawn Lynch


TY Hilton

Tyreek Hill


Jared Cook

Delanie Walker


Brandon McManus

Giorgio Tavecchio


Atlanta Falcons

Tennesee Titans

Once again, I’m sorry for the inconvenience of no analysis today. I’ll be back tomorrow. Get well soon Gordon Hayward!

2017-18 NFL Week 6 Game Picks

This is going to be a great week of football. It is going to be a great game Thursday night, and with matchups like Chiefs-Steelers on Sunday, how could we not be in for a show? I once again did pretty well last week with my picks, so here they are for Week 6 of the 2017-18 NFL Season.

Last Week’s Record: 8-6

Overall Record: 18-12


Eagles 29 – Panthers 27


Bears 20 – Ravens 26

Packers 23 – Vikings 12

49ers 13 – Redskins 32

Lions 27 – Saints 17

Dolphins 16 – Falcons 31

Browns 10 – Texans 37

Patriots 28 – Jets 25

Buccaneers 33 – Cardinals 21

Rams 23 – Jaguars 24

Chargers 27 – Raiders 24

Steelers 17 – Chiefs 34

Giants 13 – Broncos 32


Colts 20 – Titans 24

Those are my game picks considering who the home team is, crowd strength, play so far this year, injuries, etc. Happy Watching!

2017-18 NFL Week 6 Start Em, Sit Em

The outcome of your Week 6 matchup can come down to a few tough decisions over who to put in your starting lineup. This list takes a look at who you should or should not take a risk on this week. A few notes for this week: 1. The Raiders are about to be upset by the Chargers. Don’t start anyone on Oakland. Seriously. Just don’t. 2. Watch Ty Montgomery’s injury closely. He may split snaps with Aaron Jones this week, so don’t expect him to perform any better than a FLEX on Sunday. 3. Bold Prediction: Ben Roethlisberger throws three more INTs vs the Chiefs. Is this the beginning of the end? With that said, here is your Start Em, Sit Em report for Week 6 of the NFL season.


Start Em: Deshaun Watson vs CLE

The rookie can play! Like I keep saying, DeShaun Watson looks like Dak Prescott from last season, but against the Browns, he will look like Tom Brady. I don’t think there is a quarterback in the league right now with more confidence than DeShaun Watson, and you don’t even need confidence to light it up against the Browns. 3 TDs at least. Close to 300 yards. One of the top QBs of the week.

Sit Em: Derek Carr vs LAC

There is nothing good about coming off an injury and immediately playing your rival. Derek Carr and the Raiders offense have been out of sync all season, and adding a slightly fractured vertebrae in Carr’s back is not going to help. These games are always tough for both teams, but LA has the upper hand especially because they are facing a quarterback who is bound to be rusty.


Start Em: Melvin Gordon vs OAK

Melvin Gordon had a fantastic day in fantasy last weekend, and he didn’t even get a rushing touchdown. I am calling the upset right now, and one of the reasons the Chargers are going to give it to the Raiders is because Melvin Gordon is going to have a day. I predict over a hundred yards and two total scores to go along with a Chargers win.

Sit Em: Christian McCaffrey vs PHI

Christian McCaffrey is a great young running back. Were the Panthers the right fit for him? Probably not. He scored his first NFL touchdown last week after failing to find the end zone in the first 4 weeks. Philly’s defense is too good to let McCaffrey score again this week, and he is not a running back who is going to put up over 70 yards. Until Carolina figures out what to do with the young stud, he needs to be on your bench.


Start Em: TY Hilton vs TEN

The day came last week when Jacoby Brissett and TY Hilton finally got going. Tennessee looks like a team that is out of sync. The Titans are going to win this game, but it looks like TY Hilton is the only offense that the Colts have. If last week is any indication, then Hilton is going to be just fine with Brissett throwing to him, and especially after racking up 177 yards, Hilton is in for another HUGE game.

Sit Em: Amari Cooper vs LAC

Amari Cooper is probably the bust of the fantasy draft so far. His quarterback isn’t healthy, he is dropping passes, and defenses would rather double him and let Crabtree run free than give him a chance 1 on 1. You already know that I think the Chargers are going to win this game, so it shouldn’t be hard to see where I’m coming from with this Cooper advice. He just hasn’t been productive at all this season, and he is too big of a risk to play vs a rival like the Chargers. You need to sit this man.


Start Em: Evan Engram vs DEN

Speaking of guys who are their team’s only offensive weapon, Evan Engram is the only fully healthy receiver on the Giants right now. He was already having a good season, and that was before Odell Beckham Jr., Brandon Marshall, Sterling Shepard, and Dwayne Harris got hurt. Manning is going to be looking for this guy all game, and although he may not always find him, Engram should be good for at least one touchdown and a bunch of yards.

Sit Em: Jared Cook vs LAC

Just don’t start anyone on the Raiders this week. Cook dropped a pass last week that would’ve been for a first down and then preceded to suck the rest of the game. Carr is hurt (I think I’ve said that enough), the Raiders are broken, and Cook is going to have a slow game on Sunday vs the Bolts. Sit Em.


Start Em: Harrison Butker vs PIT

Harrison Butker is the best kicker in football right now, and it helps that he’s on the best team too. Interestingly, Butker is available in many leagues when he should be coveted as the top kicker in fantasy. The Chiefs will score at least 30 vs Pittsburgh, and that means Butker is going to kill it. If he is available in your league, add him. If he’s on your team, start him.

Sit Em: Will Lutz vs DET

The Lions are going to play the Saints TOUGH. This will be a physical game with Detroit ultimately coming out on top, but in the process, Saints kicker Will Lutz will have a bad game. The Saints aren’t going to score very much, so Lutz won’t have many opportunities to be out on the field in the first place. Leave him out of your lineup.


Start Em: Broncos vs NYG

Any defense playing against a receiver-less squad is a must-start. The Broncos already have one of the best defenses in football, and this matchup will certainly help their standing. Peyton Manning is going to have mixed feelings watching his old team beat up on his brother. Hopefully he’s only laughing on Sunday because of some Nationwide commercials.

Sit Em: Steelers vs KC

What did I already say? Kansas City is going to put big numbers vs Pittsburgh. If the Jaguars can do it, then so can the undefeated Chiefs. The terrible towel will not be waving much this Sunday as the Steelers defense gets shredded.

That does it for my Week 6 tools to victory. Good luck this week, everyone!