2017-18 NFL Super Bowl LII Game Pick

This is it, everyone. The final game. The final pick. My final post of this season. It really is a bummer, isn’t it? Also, to make matters worse, I blew it on both my picks last week, and now we’re down to arguably the two teams in the country that nobody but Pats and Eagles fans want to win. However, the great thing is that tomorrow is the FREAKING SUPER BOWL! It’s the best day in sports, and honestly, who cares who’s playing in the game? I’m excited, you’re excited, and I’m glad that we should all be in for some great action tomorrow. Will Brady win his 6th ring? Is Nick Foles the new Tom Brady? One of those questions can easily be answered with a big YES! Can you guess which one? Anyway, I can’t thank all of you who have stuck with me throughout the year enough, and luckily, it’s never too early to start prepping for next season…. So FINALLY, with all that said, here is my FINAL game pick of the 2017-18 NFL Season. The following team will become Super Bowl LII Champions in just a few short hours…

Last Week: 0-2

Overall Record: 141-82


Super Bowl LII: 1 Philadelphia vs 1 New England

Eagles 23 – Patriots 27

That is my Super Bowl LII game pick considering who the home team is (Patriots) , crowd strength, play so far this year, injuries, etc. Happy Watching, and thank you all for a great season!

PS: Take the Eagles +4.5 if you can. Keep in mind that until last year, the Patriots had never won nor lost a Super Bowl by greater than 4 points with Tom Brady playing QB.